Sacred Blacksmith v2 (Seven Seas Entertainment)

Sacred Blacksmith

Rating: 4.5/5 – The Knight finds her Blade.

I enjoyed the anime of The Sacred Blacksmith, so I was already looking forward to the manga release, even if I pretty much knew most of the story going in. Kotaro Yamada did a masterful job of bringing Isao Miura’s characters to life on the page in the first volume, and that continues in this second one.

A knight without a sword, Cecily Campbell finds a new blade in this storyline, but there’s more to this sword than it seems. They don’t call them ‘demon blades’ for nothing! Given that this is a world where making pacts with demons is an offense punishable by death, we have to wonder if Cecily has made a really poor bargain this time around, even if she’s convinced she can turn the demon within this sword from evil to good.

It doesn’t hurt that the demon takes human form as a beautiful maiden. Hey, this is manga, after all.

I can’t recommend this story enough, whether you watch the anime, find the light novel series, or dig into this manga. If you’re a fan of fantasy, great artwork, and most importantly swords (It devotes 4-5 pages at the end of each tankobon explaining how they’re made, for example!), then this book is definitely what you’ve been looking for.

Reviewed by: Al Sparrow – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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