Tiger & Bunny – Vol. 3 (Viz)


Rating: 5/5 – At long last our hopeless and hapless band of heroes has a bona-fide super-villain to contend with!

Some of the best comics of my youth introduced new characters with a splashy cover and the words “But Is He…FRIEND OR FOE?!?” underneath their name. While personal favorite hero Sky High adorns the cover of this third volume, it would have been fun to see this book give that treatment for the new character who shows up to “assist” the band of regulars in the Tiger & Bunny universe. To put it bluntly, he kills villains and that doesn’t set too well with the other heroes. I mean, do you get any extra points for killing a perpetrator?

All too often when something like this shows up in an otherwise lighthearted and fun book, it signals a turning point where things cannot and will not go back to the way they were, for better or worse. Time will tell if that’s the case for Tiger & Bunny, but there’s a definite change in tone by the time the last page of this book is reached, and it will certainly leave readers (who haven’t already watched the anime) clamoring for the next volume.

Not that there hasn’t been some amount of drama already in the book, but it’s only been hints at this point, mostly dealing with Barnaby’s past and his connection with the strange Ouroboros organization. Now the other characters have a chance to face a true threat, and the jokes may have to be put on the back burner, if only for a moment. There’s even a hint of romance…or at least an unrequited crush…between two of the characters. According to the creators, it’ll never happen, but that’s a shame. It’s kind of cute (age difference notwithstanding).

Tiger & Bunny took a bit longer to grow on me than most series, which is strange because as mentioned, I’m an unapologetic fan of superheroes and this book delivers on all fronts where that’s concerned. By this volume I’m all-in no matter where things go. The artwork has been top-notch, there are plenty of supplemental books to keep me happy, and with this volume, the storyline has officially grabbed me and will not let go anytime soon.

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