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Android Angels (GEN Manga)

CREDIT: GEN Manga Rating: 5/5 – When the Turing Test No Longer Matters… by ComicSpectrum reviewer Al Sparrow. From Isaac Asimov’s collection of short stories I, Robot to Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? to the current … Continue reading

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Whispered Words Vol. 1 (One Peace Books)

CREDIT: One Peace Books Rating: 4/5 – Is Unrequited Love Still Love? by ComicSpectrum reviewer Al Sparrow. “My Love is a solitary flower…one that will never blossom,” muses brainy, athletic Sumika in the first chapter of Takashi Ikeda’s Whispered Words, … Continue reading

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High School DxD Vol. 1 (Yen Press)

CREDIT: Yen Press Rating: 4/5 – Good Plotlines Save an Otherwise Generic High-School Fanservice Romp. by ComicSpectrum reviewer Al Sparrow. High school pervert Issei’s life truly began when he died. Killed by his girlfriend, a (quite literal) fallen angel trying … Continue reading

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