Generation Witch Vol. 1 (Seven Seas)


CREDIT: Seven Seas

Rating: 4/5 – Short Stories from a World Where Witches are Integrated into Society.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Al Sparrow

In the world of Generation Witch, the magic-wielding mavens are not only commonplace, but a huge part of society. Witchcraft is condoned, supported, and by and large understood even by those who cannot or do not practice it. Imagine a world where the Muggles know all about Hogwarts and really aren’t all that impressed by it. Despite this acceptance, witches still have problems. Some simple, some grandiose, but all playing a part in defining this world in which they live. And, fortunately for any witch lovers out there (like me), all collected here as short stories for our enjoyment.

A young witch must deal with an older sister who’s not just pretty and popular, but most likely in line to become the next High Witch of the realm. A witch with the power of precognition learns the day of her own death. A boy imbued with magical powers denies what he is for as long as he can…until he meets a girl with a pointed hat and high aspirations. A husband and wife must deal with an aspect of magic that puts a real strain on their marriage. To tell you any more would ruin the beauty of these tales, and they are beautiful stories. Heartwarming, bittersweet, sad, and hopeful, the stories cover a broad spectrum of emotion and theme.

Uta Isaki’s artwork it well-suited to this book. The style is cute when it needs to be, but also dark and grim when the story calls for it. As with any short story collection, some tales spoke to me more than others, but the artwork was beautiful throughout, and kept me reading each chapter, even the ones where I didn’t feel as heavy an investment.

Witches have really become popular of late, with more than a few manga titles cropping up featuring them in various portrayals, from the wicked to the winsome. Hopefully they’ll slowly remove the creeping menace of zombies who seem to plague (pun intended) every other comic on the shelf these days. As a longtime fan of witches since the first time Margaret Hamilton had me hiding under my pillows, I’m enjoying this renaissance, and I hope it’ll be around a long time. With titles like this, it’s in good hands.

Reviewed by: Al Sparrow ( By Fans who Love Comics for Fans who Love Comics

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