Unmagical Girl Vol. 1 (Seven Seas)


Rating: 2/5 – There’s Little Magic to this Magical Tale
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Al Sparrow

A common complaint among fans of any popular story, character, or genre is that the creators aren’t creating the stories these “fans” want to read. A flurry of blogs, social media posts, and tweets decry how the creators need to do this, that, or the other to appease their readers and guarantee their continued success. The creators, in turn, rightfully tell these fans to piss off and either get in the ring with their own work or stop trying to tell them how to create what they’re creating. As someone who makes his own funnybooks, I’m 100% on the creator side of the discussion. But as someone who critiques books, I’m not immune to the sentiment behind the fan side of the argument.

Such was the case with Unmagical Girl, a book I was really interested in reading based on the basic plotline: A magical girl pulled out of her magical girl television show and forced to live in the “real world” (aka our world). That was enough to hook me. I figured there’d be a lot of humor involving a hapless, hopeless, but perky and overbearingly enthusiastic girl pitting her sunny outlook against meeting the rent, holding down a job, and basically realizing nothing is easily solved with a wave of the magic wand. While those concepts occasionally show up, they’re handled by the stereotypical helpless mundy who summoned the magical girl, and not the magical girl herself. Not necessarily false advertising, but a bit of a let-down, because this other girl is completely uninteresting (and not even in a “that’s the point” sort of uninteresting…she’s just a drip.)

Unmagical Girl has missed potential. An opportunity not to follow the same paths everyone else treads with stories of this nature, and while the book has its moments of charm – references to things being off-script or character’s art styles changing dramatically when the situation calls for it – it’s not enough to warrant a second look. And therein lies the true nature of that aforementioned fan vs. creator argument – If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It. And in this book’s case, I won’t, nor could I recommend it to you. There’s very little magical about this “un”magical girl.

Reviewed by: Al Sparrow (al@comicspectrum.com)
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