Tiger & Bunny Comic Anthology 2-in-1 Vol. 1 (Viz)

Tiger Bunny

Rating: 5/5 – For this price, you can’t go wrong whether you’re a Tiger & Bunny fan or not.

For the longest time, Tiger and Bunny has been a hard-sell for me. It has everything I ought to like about a comic – it’s about superheroes, it’s funny, there’s plentiful action, the artwork is amazing and when it brings the drama, it does it well – yet I have never been able to get enthused about it. Until now.

This anthology of individual “day in the life” snippets of the main cast of characters done by a variety of manga artists was the smack upside the back of my head to show me what I was missing. Catching the various characters on their day off shows so much of what they just don’t have time to show in the regular manga series. Blue Rose’s unrequited love for the clueless Wild Tiger, for example, gets a much more in-depth (and often hilarious) bit of time under the microscope.

The artwork, of course, will vary, but by and large every creator does a great job capturing the essence of the characters and what makes them tick. There’s a masterful bit of editing on the part of Asuka Henshubu bringing these smaller tales into a larger whole. I’ve talked before about how big a fan I am of the Viz 2-in-1 editions (and particularly their cost)…you simply can’t get this much talent crammed into this much book for that low a price tag.

If you love Tiger & Bunny already, this is a no-brainer. You probably already own it. If you’re like me, and have been liking but not loving the manga, this just may be the book that will convert you over (or of course you could just skip it all and watch the anime!)

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